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  • Cemex - Esernyő
  • Unicef Póló
  • Póló - Hot Wheels
  • Hama Póló

Screen printing and labelling

During the screen printing process, the pattern is printed directly on to the surface of the material through a special screen using various dyes. Our up-to-date technology meets almost every need. Products which can be printed on include t-shirts, umbrellas, bags, diaries, paper bags, wall clocks and card holders. Our equipment includes 10 colour M&R automatic screen printing machines, 3 manual screen printing machines and a 6m heat tunnel.

Transfer pressing is used for labelling hard-to-treat, uneven surfaces, where positioning is more difficult. The emblem is put on the material indirectly, for example on baseball hat, beach balls, wallets and so on.
Our equipment includes flat and arched heat presses, a hat iron and a vacuum table.

Using the new sublimation transfer method, various products can be labelled without a tactile layer of paint. Examples of objects for this kind of printing include mugs, keychains, mouse pads, t-shirta and so on.

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  • Com Con - Flyer
  • DHL - Hűtőmágnes
  • Panadol - Papírdoboz
  • Shell - Papírdoboz

Print finishing

From brochures to books, business cards to flyers, notepads to posters and boxes to folders, we make everything that can be printed on , be it offset or digital. We handle the entire process from planning to execution. We work with short deadlines, good prices and modern press machines and our priority is to provide our customers with excellent quality prints.

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  • Amero-R - Baseball sapka
  • Seat - Hímzett sapka
  • GLS - Hímzett sapka
  • Unix - Hímzett póló


First and foremost, we recommend embroidery for the exclusive decoration of textile products. It can be an emblem sewn-on or embroidered directly on the product. Our computerised embroidery programme may be re-used amd thus it is also possible to label small amounts. The cost of embroidery is based on the size of the logo or graphics, it is not affected by the number of colours used. The 6 and 8 head Tajima machines are used for this printing process.

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  • Fa - Dezodoros palack
  • Globe Trans Cargo - Bögre
  • Cemex - Bögre
  • Cemex - Cukorkás doboz

Pad printing

Pad printing is an indirect, deep-printing method used on smaller flat or curved surfaces. This method reproduces graphics in great detail and high resolution. It is recommended for the labelling of plastic, wood, and metal products like pens, lighters, toys, watches, keychains and office equipment). As we use the latest technology, this printing method can also be used on unique surfaces such as glass, ceramics or clay. The desired graphics are labelled on the requested base material using a pad press machine.

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  • PlayersRoom - Adidas Porsche Szórólap
  • The Gardens - Franciakártya
  • YLog - Névjegykártya
  • Sysman - Prospektus

Graphic design

Our company has its own in-house graphics studio where the latest programmes are used. Be it for a visual publication, a new company image, a creative advertisement, a poster, a flyer, a billboard, a banner, a dynamic, attention-grabbing website or for decorating your car, if you want to attract clients with spectacular visuals, we are can accommodate to all of your needs. Happy to work offline or online with graphic design, we can design your ideas and help you realise them.

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  • PlayersRoom - Tábla logókkal
  • SportFactory - Világítótábla
  • C&A Kirakatdekoració
  • PlayersRoom - Adidas Porsche Szórólap


Our company has been producing and distributing decorations and pos-pop products for years. As these advertisements are usually located at the place of purchase or at the occurring event, they draw attention to the advertised product or brand effectively. Along with their attention-grabbing function, they are also informative and motivate to sell.

shop window decoration
– floor decoration
– signs molino
– flag, stand
– banner
– roll-up
– brochure holder
counter decoration
– display
– wobbler
– shelf strip
event tent
– parasol decoration

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