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We print on a wide selection of workwear and protective work equipment by Portwest at our own workshop. This means we can respond to our partners’ needs quickly and with high standards.

Our Offer

  • Roxy Rádió - Egérpad
  • Unicum - Vászontáska
  • New Miami - Vászontáska
  • VakVarjú - Bögre

Promotional gifts

It is becoming increasingly challenging to surprise our trade partners with promotional gifts that are creative, useful, and modern. We consider these criteria when we compile our selection and try to recommend products that can be labelled for exclusivity. We suggest labelling methods for each product. We like to brainstorm together to choose the most appropriate product for all occasions.

Our Offer

Promotional wear

Promotional wear is the most simple and efficient form of promotion. A polo shirt with a modest emblem or a crewneck shirt with a more extensive, colourful print may be commendable items to promote the company to be advertised. We only work with the biggest and most trustworthy brands. We label the products in our own, modern workshop which is almost uniquely equipped in Hungary. Be it windbreakers, baseball caps, crewneck shirts or hoodies, you can trust us from the start of your idea to finnish. Whether it’s purchasing, unique customisation, or shipping after labelling – each dtep is handled in-house, providing you with an accurate, reliable and high-quality service. We are very happy about the increasing popularity of recreational sports here at Magenta-R Kft., as we believe that the wellbeing and strength of any community is very important. Because of this, we offer a great selection of technical gear and sportswear, and have developed techniques that allow for durable and high-quality labelling of these products.

Non-woven Szövettáska

Our Offer

  • Zsinórfüles Papírtáska
  • Non-woven Szövettáska
  • Vászontáska
  • Nylontáska Szalagfüllel

Promotional bags

Paper-based bags can be made with twisted paper handles, ribbon handles or rope handles. Satin handle paper bags and paper pouches are also available. Paper bags are usually craft-paper based and can be ordered in a variety of sizes. Customised bags can be made upon request.

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